Measurement through SLMs (sound level meters) and/or RTA (Real Time Analyzers) are used for understanding the source levels before any other mitigation method or noise control treatment. Measurements are also used for verification of prediction to sound levels or/and noise levels. Background noise is consisted of several noise sources that contribute to the total background level.  

Measurements are executed under specific described methods and weather conditions, collecting data over equipment memories and then download the measured results to PC file environment using specific software to evaluate and present measurement data.


Such measurements might cover:

  • Sound Level (LAeq,t)
  • Background Noise (LAeq,90)
  • Sti intelligibility scores
  • Reverberation Time (RT10, RT20, RT30, RT60)

All above analyzed at Octave Band Centre Frequency (OBCF)

Many other specific measurements whether the purpose might be Traffic Noise or Railway Noise or Industrial Noise etc.

Sound Measurements bsf pro 2Sound Measurements bsf pro 4