EN 54 System Design bsf pro 1This Sound System Design is particularly the one that is compliant to new European Standards for Evacuation Sound System for security and Emergency Paging.  Public Address Voice Alarm systems (PAVA) that are required to be compliant to EN54 standard are consisted by electronics that should cover EN54-16 requirements and supplied with the relevant certification, as well as EN54-24 for speakers certified with this standard.  The Sound system should be designed with 24 or 48V power supply supported by a power management system compliant to EN54-4 either with batteries power for at least 30min of independent power supply or by UPS. 

Paging consoles should provide announcements to speaker zones and should be compliant to EN54-16 standards. The system might cover 100V speaker lines with A/B speaker circuits and provide supervision of speaker, electronics, amplifiers, and batteries through a log file for any system diagnostics. All the rest designing techniques for Sound System Design are valid in addition to above EN54 standards requirements.

EN 54 System Design bsf pro 2EN 54 System Design bsf pro 3