HOME HOTEL Automation bsf pro 1On professional level Luxury Apartments or 5*star Hotel Rooms are more and more equipped with Room Automation. This consultancy design would provide a group of advantages for the user inhabitant or customer.  This design (either bus wired or wireless) would include automation for:


  • Heating / Cooling (HVAC) of the apartment or Hotel Room
  • Shutters, blinds control
  • Lighting of the Room or Apartment (definition of scenarios)
  • Access system control (Apartments)
  • Guest Room management system
  • Control of Multimedia
  • Connection to BMS (Building Management System)
  • Video cameras and Security alarm system (Apartments)

The design would include:

  • Approval of construction materials
  • Equipment Positioning suggestions (ACAD)
  • Supporting Electronics Proposal diagrams (ACAD)
  • Cable specification and routing (ACAD)
  • Automation system programming
  • Commissioning of the project
  • Operation Instructions Documentation

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