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services bsf pro 3A variety of different certified services can be provided over ten different topics related to Acoustics, Noise Control, System design, AV & Automation, Project supervision & commissioning. Those different field services can be complied in local & international standards upon the specifications of the project. Close cooperation to project architects, engineers or owners to follow requirement described through specs, would match the needs of services chosen. Each of the offered service framework is individually defined in corresponding tabs.

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acoustic consulting bfs pro 4Based on architect requirements and designing for each individual room, as well as on international (or local) standards Reverberation Time (RT) of the room(s) is predicted and calculated through certified software tools. Any further RT improvement is proposed including method of applied acoustic materials next to architect’s approval. Calculations and documentation are submitted into this consulting study (specifically when real measurements RT10, RT20, RT30, or RT60 have been selected in a room). Simultaneously, Acoustic Quality Parameters would also be calculated and analyzed, specifically when these are indicative to meet project requirements (e.g. Time Arrivals, Intelligibility scores, Bass ratio, Clarity, Definition, Strength of Sound, etc.).  A total Engineering Report of Room Acoustics is submitted to architects or individual customer, with discussion and suggestions.

noise control bsf pro 1Noise control assessments using several European and British standards as well local state standards are considered today as a powerful tool to evaluate building conditions either on indoor noise sources or environmental burdens.  Software tools are used to simulate Noise conditions, by considering the parameters of used materials or medium between noise source and listener.  The methods of prediction lead to suggestions of preferable acoustic materials or mitigation methods, or even a complete proposed construction to avoid undesirable noise.  This engineering noise control report includes all predicted results before and after applied noise control. 

sound system design bsf pro 1Sound system design is a determinant field of private or public investment at any project where quality and architectural issues are at a significant priority. The Design of Sound System either this is a small professional entertainment room (club, pub, restaurant, café etc.) or a large complex venue should be reviewed for requirements with architects or project owners. Then based on standards consulting study would include:

EN 54 System Design bsf pro 1This Sound System Design is particularly the one that is compliant to new European Standards for Evacuation Sound System for security and Emergency Paging.  Public Address Voice Alarm systems (PAVA) that are required to be compliant to EN54 standard are consisted by electronics that should cover EN54-16 requirements and supplied with the relevant certification, as well as EN54-24 for speakers certified with this standard.  The Sound system should be designed with 24 or 48V power supply supported by a power management system compliant to EN54-4 either with batteries power for at least 30min of independent power supply or by UPS. 

AV System Design bsf pro 1Audio and Video techniques to provide private or public Home Cinema or Theatrical experience to residential environment, is a very demanding part of sound and image design systems. Our services for this growing field include:


AV Automation bsf pro 1Services for Audio Video System Design could be complemented by proposals and design of AV automation.  Either AV design is referred to residential environment for entertainment (Home Theater use) or to professional environments (Presentation / Videoconferencing use) automation could cover the operation and use of almost complicated system management.  This service might cover design and even programming services to reach customer needs and provide use-of-use to non-expert users. The complete procedure is adjusted to individual – customized – needs for each project. User interface is always a friendly use and reliably touch screen oriented one.  The application for Home Theater might include:

HOME HOTEL Automation bsf pro 1On professional level Luxury Apartments or 5*star Hotel Rooms are more and more equipped with Room Automation. This consultancy design would provide a group of advantages for the user inhabitant or customer.  This design (either bus wired or wireless) would include automation for:

Measurement through SLMs (sound level meters) and/or RTA (Real Time Analyzers) are used for understanding the source levels before any other mitigation method or noise control treatment. Measurements are also used for verification of prediction to sound levels or/and noise levels. Background noise is consisted of several noise sources that contribute to the total background level.  

Measurements are executed under specific described methods and weather conditions, collecting data over equipment memories and then download the measured results to PC file environment using specific software to evaluate and present measurement data.

Project Management and supervision bsf pro 1Project Management and/or Supervision include services of project step-by-step management at the stage of project development:

Commissioning bsf pro 1Commissioning service is provided under the severe design specs of the project. 

These requirements are measured (by SLM or RTA) real time to verify every single designing spec.

Commissioning Engineering Report is composed with all references to spec real time measurements and data collected. Deviations or compliance to specs are underlined and delivered to project manager, or owner of the project.