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bsf pro com acoustic measurement 2Current technology mature designs are the future requirements of an extremely fast running electronics technology of Sound and AV systems.  However, the basis of safe drive to the atmospheric world of sound and image is Room Acoustics. Room Acoustics are interlinked to ambient noise of the living or working environment. Ambient noise should be controlled successfully to contribute the Acoustics. All above fields of delegated engineering, is the expertness of BSF Beyond Sound Frontier Ltd and proven consulting leadership into this industry.

The extended project experience of BSF Ltd engineers and their academic knowledge on specific issues might provide solutions to a wide range of problems that concern private and public segment applications on Engineered Sound / Acoustics & Noise Control. Field engineers and specialized scientific Audio & Environmental engineers can ensure best possible results from starting point of assessment methods, studies and speculation to final point of commissioning a project, by using bsf pro com acoustic measurementupdated tools of software and hardware.

Automation is already part of our life. Edge technology hardware & software related automation components make usage of complicated things, easy and simple to manage, either from your smartphone or your tablet wirelessly.  Correct design and building consulting obtain the method to operate this new era for quality music or hi-res video content or security requirements of any size, reliably and easy for everyone, either is the owner or your customer, or the individual user.

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