sound system design bsf pro 1Sound system design is a determinant field of private or public investment at any project where quality and architectural issues are at a significant priority. The Design of Sound System either this is a small professional entertainment room (club, pub, restaurant, café etc.) or a large complex venue should be reviewed for requirements with architects or project owners. Then based on standards consulting study would include:


  • 3D modelling
  • RT60 prediction calculation
  • Speaker choice regarding requirements
  • Speaker simulation on 3D model, aiming, gains required
  • Sound field coverage for direct and total field levels
  • Sound System frequency response prediction and Equalization
  • Time arrivals analysis
  • Intelligibility scores
  • Sound system installation and secure ringing methods
  • Electronics specs (controllers, mixers, amplifiers etc.)
  • Speaker specs
  • Cables specs
  • Cables connections (ACAD)
  • System Block Diagram (ACAD)
  • Plan view with speaker position (ACAD)
  • Electronics Rack(s) Layout (ACAD)

All above are described in Engineering Technical Descriptions and Proposed Minimum Technical Specifications Report.  When system is a distributed one, further speaker zone tables are provided, as well as consistence of distributed electronics.  

sound system design bsf pro 2sound system design bsf pro 3